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What about your Wealth?

At its core, wealth is a relentless commitment to personal fulfillment, professional satisfaction and the freedom to achieve your dreams and enable the dreams of others.

Wealth comes in many forms. Our focus on wealth reflects the value we place on earning your confidence and the lasting security that only hard work and thoughtful planning can guarantee. Much more than a measure of monetary gain, it is about looking to the future and seeing boundless opportunity.

How Advisors Build Your Wealth

At iA Private Wealth, we recognize that peoples’ needs continually grow and change. To provide the right investment advice and products, at the right time, our advisors take a holistic approach to financial planning. They ask questions like – What’s important to you? And, what do you want to achieve?

Spending Wealth

Having spent decades focusing on saving for retirement, you can approach this stage of life and suddenly realize you have no idea how to fit all the pieces together.  Our team can help you create a sound income plan that minimizes tax expenses and integrates your income sources, such as:

  • Registered savings (RIF, TFSA)
  • Non-registered savings
    government pensions (CPP, OAS)
  • Employer pension plans

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