Putting your money to work by investing it is a way to ensure you have income available to you at a later date. Figuring out how best to do this can be a difficult task.

Financial advice can benefit everyone, no matter how simple or complex their situation. From building up emergency savings and funding a child’s education to preparing for retirement, guidance on how best to channel your resources to reach your short- and long-term goals is always handy.

So, where do you turn for advice? Thanks to the internet, you have access to a world of information on financial topics at the click of a mouse. There’s also the media, both traditional and social, inundating you with articles, blog posts and tweets. Add to that your IRL (in real life) sources, which could include friends, family and maybe even your hairdresser, and it’s clear that anybody and everybody can have an opinion on what you should do with your money.

Free investment advice is everywhere. But what about its quality?

A proven investing philosophy is one that takes emotion out of the equation and relies on a disciplined, long-term approach. Your objectives, risk tolerance, return expectations and time horizon will be the key factors your Senior Wealth Advisor takes into account in designing a plan that can help meet your retirement and other goals.

And the more resources an investment advisor has to work with, the better the portfolio design. While Raymer Financial has successfully executed portfolio design for 30 years, our Canadian pipeline, iA Private Wealth, is 125 years strong.