Life Planning

Plan your way to a better future

Helping you plan your way to a better future

Whether you’re planning your Estate or you have special requirements for a member of your family, our planning documents will help to make the task a bit easier. It shouldn’t feel overwhelming to minimize your taxes or transfer your wealth. At Raymer Financial, we’re committed to your financial security. 

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of anticipating and prearranging the final distribution of your assets. A sound estate plan will help maximize the value of your estate by reducing taxes, probate and other expenses while minimizing the administrative burden for your executor. This involves the use of wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, property ownership, (joint tenancy contracts) and gifts. We’ll work with you to develop an estate plan that reflects your final wishes.

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Special Needs Planning

Providing a safe, happy and comfortable future for a family member with special needs provides unique challenges, including housing, income and health care considerations, tax implications and preservation of social benefits. Careful planning is critical.

There are a variety of government-sponsored programs available to provide assistance for families in this situation. Our team has considerable experience developing effective plans to provide for those with special needs.

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Tax Minimization

We live in one of the most heavily taxed nations in the industrialized world – which is why tax minimization strategies are so important. You can build wealth in two ways – by increasing your income or by decreasing your expenses (including taxes!). However, continually changing legislation can make tax planning complex. Our team can help you reduce your tax bill through solid strategies and tax-efficient investments.

Transferring Wealth

Now that you are retired it’s a wise time to revisit your estate plan.

The most important element of your estate plan is your will. Objectives change over time and your will should reflect these changes to ensure that your estate is distributed as you wish. If your children are self-sufficient, that may have a bearing on how you distribute your estate. You may have valuable assets, such as a family cottage, that require a careful tax minimization strategy before the property is passed on.

Grandchildren may change the way you distribute certain assets. You may consider using trusts to hold and maintain assets for young beneficiaries. Trusts are flexible and useful estate planning tools but should be established only after careful thought and the assistance of qualified legal counsel. Assets with named beneficiaries, such as RRSPs, RRIFs, segregated funds and insurance should also be reviewed regularly to ensure that your beneficiaries reflect your current goals and objectives.

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